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Dear LuAnne,

Thank you for such a very encouraging word in your recent Letter from the Publisher. I pray that the Lord will bless you in your goings and comings. God has placed a good work in your heart. I picked up your Cornerstone book and I truly was amazed at how God spoke to me through your words and prayer. I was sitting down, worried about things. As I sat there reading, my mind was truly put in check. I sat there in that hospital allowing the devil to mess with my head and feeling sorry for what I was going through. I began to read how you were saying the devil will come and remind you of what you don’t have and never remind you of what you have, and to look back over all you have been through and have overcome.

I tell you the power of God came over me like a warm air blowing on me. And I began thanking God for how He has delivered me from my past and how he is going to move through my daughter’s body and mind. I knew then that the Holy Spirit had me there to pick up that book to receive my healing through faith and my daughter’s healing. I had to realize that without God I am nothing and all things are possible if we believe in the power of the Holy spirit. My pastor always tells the church we must first believe the word of God and to lean to His understanding. That word allowed me to get out of self-pity that moment, and I began speaking healing to me and my daughter.

I even went further and put forth healing to my family, even those in the hospital to nursing homes or confined in homes. LuAnne Anderson, God has chosen Cornerstone for such a time as this. Books such as yours — that first page gave me the strength to go on further. If we listen when God speaks, obedience is better than sacrifice. There’s always something good coming just by listening to the Voice of God.

Mine came when He told me to pick up that one small paper book on that table. I received my reward. Thank you, LuAnne. Nothing is too hard for God —He always has a word for His people. Seek and you shall find and I am so happy that I went to that hospital just so God can bless me through your word. I cried but they were tears of joy. Thanking the Lord for my healing and receiving a great word.

Cornerstone Connection is truly worth having. Thank you, LuAnne.

Mrs. Della Rogers


I just wanted to shoot you a quick acknowledgement. I am a pastor’s kid, born and raised. My dad is retired now, however, my Father-in-Law is a pastor, as well. You see, I have no way to run away from God.

I have found myself in this huge slump the last few months. I’ve fallen into this depression. I have a husband, four wonderfully beautiful little boys, and a life some people would kill for in an economy like this. We’re not financially set, however, we survive. I’ve found my way back to school to get a degree to better myself and family. I think that with a full time job, full time school and a family is where I have overloaded myself. I have felt worthless, and couldn’t find my way out of this slump.

The words that you spoke to me, that “He” loved me, that “He” had plans for me, and that “He” couldn’t get enough of me…they were AMAZING!!!

I thank you so much…I’ve had such a hard time going to work, getting up, doing everyday tasks, even spending time with my babies. My marriage has been suffering, my body has been suffering and, most of all, I’ve been suffering emotionally.

Today, I left work with a smile, not because I was leaving work, but because I was happy.

Thank you so much, for not holding back, for giving everything, and for being so strong in your faith.

God Bless You!
Brittany Adams


I met you by chance one day. It was, as you stated at the time, the “Lord’s Will” that the real purpose of this meeting was for you to get a copy of Cornerstone Connection into my hands. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

The copy you gave me was Volume 16 Issue 12. This particular issue featured two articles that have profoundly touched my life and mindset.

First, your “Letter from the Publisher” spoke directly to me. I, too, have been going through some very difficult times, particularly with the passing of my beloved wife in August 2010. I sure do need the guidance of the Holy Spirit now more than ever. For this, I thank the Good Lord every day. I know I could never make it through these times without Him.

Secondly, Joyce Meyer’s article “Enjoying Everyday Life” reminded me once again of the importance of having a thankful attitude towards God for each and every blessing in our daily lives and the sheer sinfulness of complaining. During these times, I sure do need her reminder of the Recipe for Victory in this life here on earth in preparation for Life Eternal.

Finally, I just wanted to express my humble, heartfelt appreciation for all the divine work that you and your staff do in the Lord’s name. May the Good Lord continue to bless each and every one of you and keep you safe and healthy. May your ministry continue to grow and prosper. Thank you again, LuAnne.

Rick Elliot


Dear Publisher,

Just wanted to let you know that I read the magazine from cover to cover and I enjoyed every article. They were very well written, informative, and encouraging. I even enjoyed the Bible word search at the end. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

Tammy Marquez

Dear LuAnne,

I was at my therapist office recovering from surgery and saw your magazine. I asked if I could take it home to finish the story I was reading. I received so much relief and comfort from it as I read every word in all of the articles and found it very uplifting. Then while picking up dinner at a Chinese restaurant I saw your magazine again and took it home and read every word. I also saw First Academy in you school directory and know them to be a very good school. My grandson goes to the academy. I also watch Pastor David every Sunday on television before going to church. I also found all of the information for seniors very informative. That’s when I decided to call you to see if I could get it mailed to me. You were very gracious and took care of my request right away.

God bless you.
Cathie Woods

Dear LuAnne,

I want to attempt to express my gratitude and appreciation for you and Cornerstone Connection over these past years. It’s difficult to put into words when something has become so much a part of your life that you almost take it for granted. I expect to see Cornerstone magazine just about everywhere I go! And I do! What an amazing thought ... how many people actually pick up this magazine and read about the Lord that would never otherwise have any Godly influence in their life! I’m sure it is a staggering figure and I, for one, am extremely grateful for your faithfulness all these years.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, you are laboring in vain to try and do it on your own.” (My own paraphrase!) I think that surely could apply to Cornerstone. It is quite evident that God’s hand has been upon this magazine from the start and that every bit of its amazing growth can be attributed to His breath upon this ministry!

On a personal note, I want to thank you, LuAnne, for your tireless efforts under some very difficult circumstances. You have exemplified Biblical perseverance and have been a model of faith. The fact is, many people don’t have to exercise their faith, but you certainly have ... through many rough waters you have stood on what the Lord has spoken and mandated for you to do. No matter what has come against you ... health, wealth, people ... even the devil himself ... you ran your race and are still running!

I consider it a privilege to know you, to be your friend, to take part in this ministry, and I look forward to what God has in store for the future of Cornerstone Connection, I have a feeling it is “more than you could ask or think!”

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Marcia Thorsell
Associate Director
Resound Missions Base

Lu Anne,

Congratulation on 18 years of spreading the word of GOD and for obeying the Lord when he gave you this amazing vision!

Who knows how many people have been inspired, encouraged, blessed and even sent in a new positive direction in their life through this wonderful publication.

It has provided businesses the opportunity of growing and being blessed.

The word of GOD says what we sow we will reap.

I believe people that sow into Cornerstone Connection will be Blessed this year more than ever before. God’s hand is on this magazine, may He continue to bless you and give you his supernatural strength to help you when things get tough. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

Betsy Piambino

The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:17 that the gateway to eternal life is narrow and difficult. It is narrow because it is so easy to fall off unto the wide road. That is when it becomes difficult, because we have to continually walk with a humble spirit by acknowledging when we have failed and come to the Blood stained cross and receive forgiveness. We also have to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus; constantly decreasing so that Christ can increase.

As I read the Cornerstone Connection magazine, particularly the Publisher’s Letter written by LuAnne Anderson, the Publisher of Cornerstone, it becomes evident that not only LuAnne but the entire staff of Cornerstone walks this narrow road continually. You can feel their hearts desire and sense the passion they have to go into the harvest field.

I personally believe there are three levels of Christianity (all are good just be faithful): Civilian, Army, and Special Forces. Cornerstone is definitely in the Special Forces, and I am certain that it has been a rigorous boot camp to prepare the Cornerstone staff for what they are doing today. They are not attacking the kingdom of hell, they are right smack in the middle of it, causing massive destruction. This is not an easy task because with it comes many adversities and discouragements and can be overwhelming at times, but remember this one thing: the power behind you is greater than the task ahead of you.

Jesus says, “Acknowledge me before men, and I will acknowledge you before my Father.” I know that come judgment day, our Heavenly Father will not say “I never knew you” to the staff of Cornerstone. The impact that Cornerstone has on the lives of others will never be known until the day of the great feast at the banquet table. The only thing is that your goose might be cooked because our Heavenly Father will shout out “WELL DONE!”

Anyway, Hebrews 6:7 says, “When the ground soaks up the falling rain (HOLY SPIRIT) and bears a good crop for the farmer, it has God’s blessings.” So be encouraged because Hebrews 6:10 tells us that God is just, and will not forget how hard you worked for Him and how you have shown your love to Him by caring for others; as you still do.

Let me end with Psalm 18:27-43, “You rescue the humble, but you humiliate the proud. You light a lamp for me. The Lord my God lights up my darkness. In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall. God’s way is perfect; all the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection, for who is God except the Lord? Who but our God is a solid rock? God arms me with strength and He makes my way perfect. He makes me as sure footed as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights. He trains my hand for battle, He strengthens my arm to draw a bow of bronze. You have given me your shield of victory. Your right hand supports me; Your help has made me great. You have made a wide path for my feet to keep them from slipping. I chased my enemies and caught them; I did not stop until they were conquered. I struck them down so they could not get up’ they fell beneath my feet. You have armed me with strength for the battle; You have subdued my enemies under my feet. You placed my feet on their necks. I have destroyed all who hated. They called for help, but no one came to their rescue. They even cried to the
Lord but he refused to answer. I ground them as find dust in the wind. I swept them into the gutter like dirt. You gave me victory over my accusers. You appointed me ruler over nations. A people who I don’t even know, serve me.”

2Thesasalonians 1:11 “So we keep on praying for you asking our God to enable you to live a life worthy of His calling. May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do.”

Blessings in Christ,

James Huisman

August 3, 2010

Dear Ms. Anderson,

Congratulations on the celebration of 18 years of publishing the Cornerstone Connection.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to read the magazine over the years and have been very encouraged through reading seeing such positive articles. Your continued leadership at Cornerstone Connection will play a key role in maintaining this great publication that specializes in serving and inspiring the Orlando community.

Orlando is fortunate to have such a devoted citizen as you, who is willing to give their time and talent to make our City a better place.

Congratulations again on this accomplishment and I look forward to hearing more wonderful news from you and Cornerstone Connection in the near future.

Thank you for your continued commitment.


Buddy Dyer

Dear Publisher,

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful cover article, A New Beginning, written by Ms. Lisa Beth about Ms. Alice Collier and the Angels Trace Foundation. In the article, Ms. Beth highlighted our dedication to helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and to provide temporary support for women and their children in Florida's Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties who are in the midst of crisis.

As a result of that article, we have received several phone calls from women who are in desperate situations, and are now reaching out for help. If it had not been for Cornerstone Connection, we might have not been able to help these incredibly brave women.

We hope that you are aware of just how greatly this extraordinary publication has positively impacted our community. Thank you!

God Bless You,

Alice Collier Lonneen Brown
Founder & President


Dear Cornerstone:

Thank you for your wonderful magazine. It is nice to have one at work to read while on my lunch break. I read with interest in your Volume 15, Issue 05 Charles Daniels’ article called “The Flower Generation.” I don’t know if he has ever considered the effects that the Fair Tax would have on the economy and many other issues that the candidates keep alluding to all with their own thoughts and ideas. Fairtax.org will explain all the ways it would affect us and how it would change America. Michigan would have companies running back to reopen their factories (why pay foreign countries tax if there isn’t any here anymore), it favors no class (a single gets the same prebate amount as the rich), with more money to spend and save everyone wins. With everyone paying into the system who now escapes it through tax loopholes and evasion, they wouldn’t be able to any longer. Druggies, prostitutes, aliens, etc. will pay when they buy but not get the prebate (who knows one of them that would want the government to know where they are). We CAN see American the great nation we once were. Check it out Charlie. The grassroots movement is on the rise and pushing forward. They said we couldn’t get out from under Great Britiains’ rule but we did, they said we could never abolish slavery without a big upset in the economy but we did. And many more things have been done to make us who we are today, by people who read up on things and speak up for what needs to be said. Thanks Charlie, for not being afraid to do that, and we Fair tax supporters aren’t either.

God bless,
Lynne Curtiss

Dear Publisher,

I have been living in Orlando for over fifteen years, and I have been blessed to be introduced to your magazine shortly after I moved here. I look forward to reading the entire magazine each month. I love reading the cover stories, seeing how God has moved in the lives of others and find them tools to help build my faith. Keep up the awesome work in building God’s kingdom!

Mary Anne Raef

Dear Cornerstone,

We wanted to drop a short note to tell you and the Cornerstone Connection staff how much our organization appreciates your magazine.

We are a year-long, 60-bed, faith-based residential substance abuse program for men. Our clients work their Normal jobs during the day and have classes, counseling and bible study each night. This rigorous schedule allows for very little personal time for them. They so much enjoy getting the new issue when it arrives. Not only Do the men pick them up to enjoy, but also their family members who attend a class here each week. Additionally, we have a weekly 12-Step support group meeting which is open to the public and those alumni and other attendees always pick through a copy in our lobby area before the meeting starts. So, while we may not take or need that many issues, the ones we have get reused pretty good.
Again, thank you for the good work you do in putting out a thoroughly good reading Christian magazine.

God Bless,

Kelly Cordovano
Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL

Dear Publisher:

Cornerstone Connection is such a great (magazine) to read. Like family, we share a special direness that few friends share – an acceptance and understanding that feels more like family than friendship. I just wanted you to know, that in my heart, where it counts, you’re just like family to me.

Betty Means

Dear Publisher:

I just picked up a copy of your latest issue to look it over as I was eating dinner at a local restaurant.

As I turned to the last page and read Charlie Daniel's article on poverty, I became quite confused and admittedly a bit upset. The article seemed like an attempt to discredit the Democratic party by arguing that any focus on poverty in the upcoming elections is unnecessary.

Charlie Daniels attempted to prove, through his own personal recollections of his childhood, that no one is really "poor" anymore – at least not in America.

Such a statement discredits my entire life's work, and in many ways, my purpose as a follower of Christ. I just can't wrap around my head how someone could actually think that poverty is not a problem in the States. Gainesville alone has over 1,000 homeless people.

Charlie might say that these people are just irresponsible, and that they don't know what hard work is, but the reality is that almost 50 percent of homeless people are employed (with min. wage or below min. wage jobs).

Charlie would say that his folks used to raise kids, and live happily on minimum wage jobs; but these people can't buy a home because putting down a deposit, first month's rent, last month's rent, etc. is not all that practical with a 7-dollar-n-hour paycheck. This world is more complicated than Charlie's old-time world. We can thank our consumerist-driven-politics for that one.

I don't mean to be rude. I hope I am not perceived in that way. I simply want to encourage you to consider the message of Jesus, who preached good news to the poor.

Thanks and Peace,


Dear Publisher:

I wanted you to know how pleasantly surprised my husband and I were after picking up Cornerstone Connection at a Ryan's Restaurant. Your editorial is incredibly well written and very refreshing.

Everything we see on the news seems to be a rehash of the same old problems with no mention of God and his promise. This has become increasingly obvious with the presidential election. Thank you for having the courage and perseverance to make a positive difference. God bless you all.

Sabrena and Jim Swain

Dear Publisher,

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your courage and vision in providing Cornerstone Connection to our region. I so appreciate the wide variety of interests, topics, and relevant articles it provides. Knowing that the vision of this publication is backed up by the life you live personally adds another dimension of “relevance” to reading for me personally. Thank you for your continued commitment to integrity, sans religious tone and stigma. May God continue to increase your influence and bless Cornerstone for the many lives I know it impacts every day.

Keep up the good work!

John Mandeville

Dear Cornerstone Connection:

As I received my Cornerstone magazine this month, I was excited to read of your 15 Year Anniversary. Your articles are always so full of helpful information which can be used in our every day lives. Thank you for continuing to provide this magazine to the community at no charge, and for sharing the wonderful message of Jesus Christ. A very sincere Congratulations!

Dale Leatherman
Campus Director of Operations
Palm Beach Atlantic University-Orlando

Dear Publisher,

I just wanted to congratulate you and Cornerstone Connection on your 15-year Anniversary. Amazing! You are touching so many lives with the Lord’s message and hope. May He continue to bless you and the work you’re doing. And thank you for including me in the Anniversary Issue!

God Bless,

Dear LuAnne,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your fifteen-year anniversary. It has been your dedication and hard work that has made Cornerstone Connection what it is today, a beacon in the central Florida community.
Your are an example to many of one that chose to step out in faith and follow a dream. You have developed a magazine that reaches a large segment of our community, and spiritually renew your readers with articles that bring hope and inspiration.
On a personal level, you are an example of a person who cares for the lost and brings them to Jesus. Your continued witness for Christ in your business brings honor to the Lord.

Alex Clattenburg
Church In The Son


Congratulations of many successful years of serving God in such a creative way with Cornerstone Connection! It’s been our honor to be a part of your history and hoping many wonderful years in your future! Keep rockin it out for Jesus! You go girl!

God Bless you!
Kerri Pomarolli and Ron McGehee.

Dear Publisher:

It has been inspiring to have such a great source of Christian reading in a format that is user friendly and also great for connecting good businesses with the need in Central Florida in a format that is inspirational and Christian. I am thrilled to know that God has used LuAnne and Cornerstone in such a mighty way over the years.

John Morgan

Dear LuAnne,

I wanted to share with you one area in which you and Cornerstone Connection has impacted our community and given honor and glory to our Lord. We advertised in the Cornerstone Connection about a free bible study for women who have experienced the tragedy of abortion. It is through your magazine that we received several responses. It was amazing to watch the women in the Bible study come to know the healing power of Jesus Christ. They received this blessing as a direct result of the Cornerstone Connection. I am also excited to share that a baby is alive today as a result of the the advertising you did for us at Cornerstone Connection. Thank you for your heart for God and your desire to grow His Kingdom and reach His people.

In His Service,
Lisa Raines, Director
Cornerstone Pregnancy Center

Dear LuAnne,

Congratulations for staying the course for fifteen years.   Happy anniversary!!  I thank God the Father for your obedience in launching Cornerstone Connection.  It takes faith and courage to step out of the boat.  Fifteen years later here is just part of your legacy:

• Thousands were won to the Lord through your connections.

• You are truly leaving a legacy for your children (Prov. 13:22).

• Thousands were encouraged to keep the faith through your many encouraging articles.

• Many believers were connected with each other for true Kingdom purposes because of your obedience to facilitate
this through Cornerstone Connection.

• Cornerstone has boldly gone places where some Christians have not gone, only in eternity we will fully know, when others will say, “thank you for giving to the Lord, I was the life that was changed”.

• You lavishly poured out your perfume on the head and
feet of Jesus, as you made known to the world, the Chief Cornerstone.

• You modeled authentic Kingdom building to the Body of Christ by freely sharing what was happening in the Christian Community.

• I can hear the Father say, “well done my good and faithful daughter”.

• Cornerstone is truly a Helping Hand to those in need, it is truly a Hub for connecting people with what is happening in the communities of Central Florida, empowering them to go and change our world, one person, one family and one city at a time. 

On behalf of all the team members here at the Central Florida Dream Center we would like to say thank you, for all you have done for the Kingdom of God.  We are standing with you and praying for you.  May He continue to expand your borders. 


Paul Benjamin Sr.
President of Central Florida Dream Center


Regarding your 15 year anniversary.  Congratulations!  You have an incredible first-class publication that is full of life and positive messages.  Thank you for your excellence in delivering an incredible resource to the Christian community!  May God continue to bless you and Cornerstone Connection.

Bill McIntosh

Dear Cornerstone Connection:

Almost four years ago my prayer to God was  a way out of the constant cycle of financial struggle and unsatisfying work. I knew I had to make a change for myself and family so with God's help I took a chance and became a real estate agent.

Very quickly God's blessings poured into my family's life and I was immediately rewarded for following His direction. Then a year ago I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful outreach ministry in Cornerstone magazine. While advertising is very important to me, I became a member of the Cornerstone family because I believe in the work this amazing magazine is able to do. Through mine and other's advertising dollars God's word can be spread to so many more people, and what a privilege it is for me to be a part of that.

I have seen God's personal hand in all aspects of my life and appreciate there is a company out there that works so timelessly to show everyone the presence of God in their own lives.

Happy Anniversary Cornerstone!!! May God continue to work through you in all that you do!

Carolyn Hamm
ReMax Realty Partners

Dear Cornerstone:

Congratulations on your 15th year of serving the Central Florida area through your magazine!  You are a source of inspiration to our community!

As a missionary that travels the nations this magazine has been a direct connection for me as to what is happening in my home area.........NOW! This is so much needed when coming back from overseas.  I look for your magazine to keep my identity with what is happening currently in my home and in the world.

You are indeed missionaries in the local arena, the nation and the world.  You have an impact that reaches people's lives through the content of your magazine.  Your heart for the lost and to the body of Christ carries a clear message.

I pray God's continued blessings on the future of your magazine...........that your next years will be increased above and beyond the present to fulfill the destiny He has called you to.  Thank you for being faithful to what He has given you!  Congratulations!

A fellow missionary,
Elaine Swanson

Dear Sister LuAnne:

Greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord. My name is James Bussard. I wanted to write and thank you for the publication of Cornerstone Connection. I’ve really enjoyed what’s written and I look forward to the next publication. Keep up the good work, the Lord is certainly using you. I’m reminded of a verse in I Corinthians 15:18, “Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know hat your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

Thank you for your time and your ministry.

James Bussard, Jr.

Dear Cornerstone Magazine,

Congratulations on your continuing success and celebration of your 15-year anniversary.  As owners of Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning and Electrical, Inc., we are thankful that you have provided the opportunity and place to advertise to the Christian community.   Your attention to the details and the time and interest you take in each of your clients is an inspiration.  You are an excellent resource for businesses to reach people and also, a place of encouragement and edification.   We are grateful for all your hard work and the contribution that you are making to our community.

Mark and Linda Derringer
Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning and Electrical, Inc.

Dear Publisher:

I wanted you to know how pleasantly surprised my husband and I were after picking up Cornerstone Connection at a Ryan's Restaurant. Your editorial is incredibly well written and very refreshing.

Everything we see on the news seems to be a rehash of the same old problems with not mention of God and his promise. This has become increasingly obvious with the presidential election. Thank you for having the courage and perseverance to make a positive different. God bless you all.

Sabrena and Jim Swain

Dear Ms. Anderson:

I intended to write this letter for a considerable period of time. I just wanted to let you know that we truly value and appreciate the opportunity you have provided through Cornerstone Connection to reach some of the best clients we have, who sought our services at Tricia A. Madden, P.A. as a result of our advertisement in the magazine. As an attorney I went into the practice of law and have remained in the practice of law as a real advocate for my clients.  That certainly is easier to do when you receive the high quality of clients who represent those people who contact us because of seeing our ad in Cornerstone Connection.

            As an attorney I have tremendous amount of legal material to read on a daily basis. However, I find every time I have the opportunity to read an article in you magazine, it provides a positive moment of time for me to brighten my day.

            I think that your magazine make s a true contribution to the community.

Deepest regards,
Tricia A. Madden, Esq.

Dear LuAnne,

Congratulations on Cornerstone Connection's 15th year.

We admire your effort and faithfulness in publishing an important print connection to your many readers in Orlando and Central Florida.

We appreciate the opportunity to have the SuperChannel WZCX-TV program schedule as part of your informative and inspirational publication.

Continued success!

Claud Bowers

Dear LuAnne,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your fifteen-year anniversary. It has been your dedication and hard work that has made Cornerstone Connection what it is today, a beacon in the central Florida community.

Your are an example to many of one that chose to step out in faith and follow a dream. You have developed a magazine that reaches a large segment of our community, and spiritually renew your readers with articles that bring hope and inspiration.

On a personal level, you are an example of a person who cares for the lost and brings them to Jesus. Your continued witness for Christ in your business brings honor to the Lord.

Alex Clattenburg
Church In The Son

Dear LuAnne,

Congratulations to you, and Cornerstone Connection, on reaching the "15 Year" milestone!

An accomplishment such as this only comes thought a lot of hard work, determination, and strict dedication to a specified goal.

Evangelical Theological Seminary has been advertising in the Cornerstone Connection for many years. The seminary has present students, and graduates, who had originally contacted the seminary for their academic education because they received a copy of the Cornerstone Connection and read our advertisement.

May God continue to bless you and the Cornerstone Connection magazine.

Nathan R. Killian, Ph.D.

Dear Cornerstone Connection:

Thank you for your effort to publish your wonderful distribution! I enjoy the articles and use the business directory and appreciate supporting Christian businesses. We are a family and your paper pulls us together. Keep up the good work!! The quality is great and the layout easy to navigate. I am going to relocate to the Tallahassee area in the future and pray a similar paper will be available.

Best regards,
M. Bisplinghoff

Dear Ms. Anderson:

My introduction to the Cornerstone Connection arrived in a small non- fancy, take-out-only food facility located near downtown Sanford. I have a craving for their home-style hamburgers and sweet flavored onion rings.

While in anticipation for my order I noticed a stack of your magazines and out of curiosity I decided to explore its contents. I discovered that the Cornerstone Connection is an excellent source of business advertisement, that is coupled with spiritually inspired literature, which includes informative topics that varies from personal issues, to general everyday situations and providing practical approaches to succeed in today’s living. You are truly a blessing to the community.

In closing, I would like to share a saying of mine that states life extends between pre-existence and post-existence, therefore while in existence impress constructive concepts, to be an influence for future existence. Simply put, the experienced ones share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with the inexperienced to encourage a more prosperous way of life. And when the inexperienced becomes experienced, repeat the tradition of sharing. And I say thanks to the Cornerstone Connection for its existence and for supporting the tradition.

Moses L. Daniels

Dear Ms. Anderson:

It was a privilege to meet with you! I wanted to express in writing my appreciation for all that you do to serve the people and ministries of Central Florida and beyond! You truly have the passion and zeal to share God’s word in a very unique way! Please know that you and Cornerstone Connection are greatly needed and appreciated in this community! Keep up God’s good work!

In His Name,
Michelle Barrett, MSW
Director, Bethany Christian Services

Dear Cornerstone Connection:

I picked up one of your magazines at CenterPointe, Orlando, Florida.
There were a couple of things that drew my immediate attention.
First, the cover page with Randy Travis. Secondly, was the fact that this was approved reading material by my church. I read through the entire magazine and was introduced to a publication that I have already started recommending to others (both Christian and non- Christian).
This publication appeals to everyone not only because of the content but also because of the method of circulation.

I look forward to your next issue.
Phyllis Brown

Dear Cornerstone team:

Congratulations on the celebration on your 14th Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a decade and a half since you started making your significant contribution to the spiritual, ethical, and moral welfare of our Central Florida community! In a darkening world, you are a source of positive light making a difference to an area that we call home. May the Lord’s wisdom and provision be yours for your expanding ministry, and may the important past be prologue to a greater future.

Because of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone.

Isaiah 52:7: How beautiful upon the mountains?
Are the feet of him who brings good news,?
Who proclaims peace,?
Who brings glad tidings of good things,?
Who proclaims salvation,?
Who says to Zion,??
“Your God reigns!”

Jim Henry

Dear LuAnne:

Hi!! It has been some time since we’ve talked. I was in the doctor’s office yesterday and they had the recent copies of Cornerstone Connection available to their patients. I picked it up, read some of the articles, before they summoned me to the next waiting room. I happened to notice the date and thought back, gosh it has been six or seven years since Justina was on the cover of Cornerstone Connection.
She is now in her 2nd year of college at Southeastern, but it has sure left a quiet place in our home. No singing or playing piano!!
Just to keep you current, she is currently "Miss Central Florida" and competed in the "Miss Florida" pageant this summer and won non- finalist talent. Time sure has flown, bit it is nice to know that you have been a stable force to the Orlando metro area. Thanks for your steadfastness.

Cindi Freeman

Dear Publisher:

Congratulations to you and Cornerstone Connection on your fourteenth anniversary issue. As the Mayor of the City of Orlando, I am delighted about the positive recognition you are bringing to our community.

It is impressive to hear of your achievement. It takes a lot of time and dedication in becoming such an influential publication. This publication serves as a wonderful source of information to our community. I hope that Cornerstone will continue to grow and carry on for many years to come.

Again, congratulations on your success! On behalf of the citizens of Orlando, the "City Beautiful", I commend you and Cornerstone Connection, on your pursuit of excellence here in the City.

Sincerely, Buddy Dyer Mayor of Orlando


I enjoyed your article on your latest Cornerstone Connection. I pray for your continued success and admire you for your courage and faith!

Blessings, Claud Bowers WACX TV

Dear Cornerstone Connection:

Congratulations to the Cornerstone Connection of Orlando for 14 years of service to our community.

Sheriff Kevin Beary

Dear LuAnne:

Thank you for the opportunity to work with Cornerstone! It has been one of the chief joys of my life since I started. You are a marvelous, outstanding woman and I am proud to know you!

In His grip, Dorothy

Dear Cornerstone:

On behalf of Palm Beach Atlantic University's Orlando Campus, I would like to congratulate you and the entire Cornerstone Connections staff on your 14 year anniversary of publication.  It is obvious that God is blessing your magazine as you continue to reach out with the greatest news the world has ever known.   I look forward to future issues of the magazine, with articles which (I'm confident) will be as challenging, encouraging, and thought provoking as in the past.  Once again, Congratulations!

Dale Leatherman
Director of Operations-Orlando Campus Florida

Dear Cornerstone:

I wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the responses I have received by advertising in your magazine. I have a cleaning business which needs dependable people to help with the work. Advertising in your magazine is a great help in the operation of my business. Thank you.

John Ness,
owner of A-Plus Floor Care, Inc.

Dear Cornerstone:

Congratulations to you and the entire team of "Cornerstone Connection" for 14-years of serving your community through publishing articles that not only uplift, but also give the Central Florida Christian community a way in which to communicate. Because I'm in the same business, but publishing different types of publications, I am aware of the challenges as well as the blessings for being in Christian publishing.  I admire what you do and pray God's continued blessing upon you as you serve Him through the "Cornerstone Connection."

Stephen Strang
Founder & CEO
Publisher, Charisma Magazine

Dear Cornerstone:

Congratulations Cornerstone Connection on your fourteenth anniversary!  We are happy to be affiliated with an organization that ministers to so many people with articles of hope, faith, and inspiration. We pray for your continued success in sharing God's Word.  May the Holy Spirit guide you in all that you say and do.

Carolyn & Debbie
DeVere, Inc.

Dear Publisher,

I appreciate your magazine and the positive message that you are spreading through out our community. Thank you and your staff for all your hard work to bring the good news. God Bless Cornerstone Connection.

Pat Lopez

Dear Cornerstone staff,

I want to thank you all at Cornerstone for the opportunity to be the cover story of your magazine. Luanne, you and your staff were very professional and did a great job. Your magazine provides a wonderful ministry and outreach to the public and I look forward to seeing your upcoming issues.

God bless
David W. Murray

Dear Cornerstone:

Hello Cornerstone Connection Staff. Just a few words to let you know that I appreciate your magazine and your ministry. The stories are enlightening and very encouraging.

Veronica Berry

Dear Cornerstone:

Dear Publisher, I continue to get patients because of your magazine, at least one or two a month that mention Cornerstone. Overall this is what I had expected and hoped for. With those who don't mention your magazine, and through word of mouth advertising from those who came because of Cornerstone, I am sure there are many more that have become and will become patients of mine. Please keep up the good work. I've even had friends in Polk county call me saying they receive your magazine.

In Christ,
Dr. Daniel Goddard. M.D.

"Congratulations to Cornerstone Connection.

Cornerstone Connection is to be commended for providing Christian magazines to a broad range of locations in Central Florida. Thank you for reaching out to those searching for answers. Your contributions to the state are appreciated. I encourage you to continue to be a positive influence in the community and the state.

Best wishes for continued success."

Jeb Bush
Governor of the State of Florida

Dear Cornerstone

"Thank you so much for doing a story on Gianna! We pray that many lives will be changed as a result of reading it."

Melody Gall

Dear Cornerstone:

"I have watched Cornerstone closely over the last 10 years to see it it stays true to the Word, in belief and practice. Thankfully it has! May God continue to provide and sustain your ministry to saved and unsaved alike! In his grip."

Dorthy Harrell

Dear Ms. Anderson:

"I spoke with you when you were doing a magazine drop at Fresh Start Ministries. A 1st step based faith-based program here in Orlando. I approached you and said I had first read Cornerstone in Polk County Jail. I really enjoyed the magazine and thoroughly read it front to back. I really loved the Soup for the Single Soul. At that time I was incarcerated for 50 days. During that time I had what they call "jail house religion." I honestly can say I was close with the Lord, yet when my time was up, so it was for my personal relationship with God. I fell, and I fell hard. I used drugs and avoided all my responsibilities at a hefty price. Job losses, burnt bridges, sham, and guilt with family, friends, and my daughter. Ugh! Yes this was it, the rock bottom. I had additional legal issues also that were complicated by violations of my community control. I was facing serious time, and more shame and guilt. I felt this is it. I'm through. Yet by divine appointment and miracles by my Father God, I never went to jail, now I came to Fresh Start Ministries and am under a regeneration process through Jesus Christ. When I saw you and you said "Hey, I used to be where you are, don't give up and it'll all be better soon." I felt a warm comfort and I know it was the Holy Spirit giving me peace and comfort. The words God spoke through you touched me greatly. Thank you and thank God for the divine appointment we had that day. God bless you and Cornerstone Connection."

Robert Rockwell

Dear Cornerstone:

"Thank for all your hard work in reaching many souls with the love of Jesus Christ, through spreading the Gospel light of "Cornerstone Connection." I just read about the free announcements you do for churches and ministries. This gets the word out. It is an added bonus!"

Dawn O'brien
"Dawn's Heartfelt Corner"

Dear Cornerstone:



Dear Cornerstone

"As a Christian reader I love this magazine! Every time I walk by the magazine rack and see Cornerstone Connection I ALWAYS grab a copy. Usually I am out doing my errands but it never fails once I am home I drop everything, grab a cup of tea or a soda and sit down immediately to read the latest issue. I thoroughly enjoy the articles and especially the articles about the Christian celebrities. Please keep up the great work as I truly enjoy this magazine, and feel sure that I will for a very long time to come."

S. Wilkins

Dear Cornerstone

"Just wanted to tell you that I used your publication in selling my last Mobile Home in 1997. As I recall it sold in the first month so in seeking to sell this property I went out looking for a copy of your publication so I could use it again. Incidentally, I found the publication in the first restaurant I checked. Thanks and hopefully God will be so good again."

Jane vander Linden

Dear Cornerstone:

"Stepping out in pure FAITH has really come full circle for me this year. At the time I didn't have the money to put an ad in Cornerstone yet God told me to. Not only did He say put an ad in but, to do it for an entire year. Now that was stretching my faith beyond its boundaries. Knowing I had to obey I wrote the check and submitted the layout. The graphic department was so helpful and creative in putting just the right ad together. Here it is seven months later and I am so busy with my Real Estate Business. God has truly blessed me for planting seed in a Christian Magazine that touches the lives of thousands each month. May it continue to grow and help others as I have been helped. Thank You all for encouraging me and praying for me to succeed. God Bless You."

Wendy Hall

Dear Cornerstone

"As Passover season is upon us, I remember I owe you a "thank you" for a previous year's observance. A Christian owned and operated hotel on the coast advertised in your magazine and we were very pleased with our week long stay there with our 6 families observing Passover and The Week of Unleavened Bread on their premises. It is so nice to be able to trust that you have carefully selected whom your advertisers would be.
We also greatly appreciate your evangelical outreach with the inclusion of a sinner's prayer. May God continue to bless you. "

Larry & Francile Shock

Dear Cornerstone:

"Just a few words to let you know that I appreciate your magazine, your ministry; the stories are enlightening and very encouraging."

Veronica Berry

Dear Cornerstone

"Just wanted to let you know how honored I was to be featured in this months issue and how much I've enjoyed reading your magazine. For over a year now I've been picking it up at different locations around town and I always delight in reading the wonderful articles and testimonies. Central Florida is blessed to have such a great resource for the Christian community. Thanks for your faithfulness in advancing the Gospel and for blessing all of us with a positive, Godly publication to enjoy!"

Amanda Ober

Dear Cornerstone:

"Great article on Amanda Ober....WESH. She IS newsworthy. Thanks for telling us more about this great lady."

Claud Bowers

Dear Cornerstone

"I pray this letter finds you under an open window of God's blessings. The purpose of this letter is to extend a heart-felt thanks on the behalf of Pastor Sheila J. Spencer and the Time of Refreshing Christian Worship Center family.

Pastor Spencer just wanted to let you know how pleased she was with the final ad that was placed in your January 2005 issue of Cornerstone. We received a lot of positive feedback from the community because of it. We also wanted to thank you for covering the Lakeland and Polk county area for us. It was a pleasant surprise and a blessing to our ministry.

It is a pleasure to know that God has connected us with such good people. We pray that His blessings overshadow you for the kindness you have shown us. "

Jacqueline Thompson
Crusade Manager

Dear Cornerstone

"I want to thank you for advertising for us over so many years, with Esther Generation and all the Spiritual Warfare Training that we have had. What a difference it makes, if we don't make it in the "Cornerstone Connection". The people just don't come.

Also, with Bethel Bible Institute the "Cornerstone Connection " has been a blessing to us and we just want to say thank you. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you for reaching so many people. "

Pastor Dottie Hewitt

Dear Cornerstone:

" I just received my first copy of the Cornerstone Connection and am truly impressed by the publication. I truly enjoyed the article about Wayne Huizenga, Jr: and his transformation.

Tom Forte