Volume: 20 | 08
You Are Not Alone

Volume: 20 | 06
We Choose

Volume: 20 | 02
It Is Time To Stand


Volume: 20 | 01
What Is It Going To Take?

Volume: 18 | 11
What Steals Your Peace?

Volume: 18 | 10
Unmitigated Suffering


Volume: 18 | 09
Be Careful Who You Hang Around


Volume: 18 | 04
Divine Appointment


Volume: 18 | 03
From The Heart

Volume: 18 | 02
Mother's Day Sunrise

Volume: 18 | 01
What Steals Your Peace?


Volume: 17 | 12
Unmitigated Suffering

Volume: 17 | 11
Choose To Be Thankful

Volume: 17 | 10
No More Silence

Volume: 17 | 09

Have you considered that our flesh and soul is an enmity that desires to separate us from God? Yet most of us feed and coddle it almost every hour of the day with its desires. Now our spirit on the other hand is waiting, wanting to be nourished, that He may give us strength to resist the temptations and distractions of... Read More

How Does Your Offering Smell?
Do you have someone in your life, a child, neighbor, or a friend, that calls when they have nothing better to do? They tell you they love you when they are with you, but weeks, or months pass before you hear from them. Or there are those that you only hear from when they need money, food, or... Read More

A New Constitution
We are so excited to begin this amazing year of growth and restoration. Now that all the disorder, confusion, and chaos of 2011 are out of the way, let’s consider our blessings rather than our losses... Read More

God Encounter
Recently, we had a few people comment on how they love to read my Publisherís Letter, and they missed it last month. I apologize for the skip. I must confess it is not that I am a great writer, but I am good at taking dictation. If you enjoy the articles, thank you, but thank Him. It is my belief they are inspired from the... Read More

If You Donít Plan, You Plan To Fail
The enemyís greatest tactic today is to keep the body of Christ off their knees. Satanís army can move right in without our force field of prayer in place. We Must Press In! Our greatest offense is our prayer of defense. These are crucial times and inspire most of us to press in. Isnít it sad that just knowing He desires to have a deeper... Read More

How Do You Know This Is Bad, It Could Be Good?
A few months ago, I thought to myself, “I never want to think about this past year again.” And now as I am coming out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I am thankful and consider this period to be the greatest most transforming time of growth in my life and for this ministry. Thank God for the difficult times and discipline to help... Read More

Slow Down! Itís a Trap!
Over the years we have become so B-U-S-Y — Bound Under Satan’s Yoke — running too fast to notice that the enemy’s tactics are working. Many of us could run till 5 am and never get everything done. BEWARE! Ephesians 6:12 states we are... Read More

We Have To Push
This could very well be one of the most important elections in history, one that may have a detrimental impact on our generations to come. We need to consider our choices, as we go to the polls. We should consider all that we say and do in life, especially when we are making decisions for our children’s future. Like in a game of chess... Read More

A New Birth

Well, it is hard to believe that 18 years ago the first issue of  Cornerstone Connection went on the racks all over Central Florida. We are so thankful to God to be able to celebrate another year. We are especially thankful to survive this past year. What a ride; not only did we suffer one of...Read More

The Sleeping Giant

There is a sleeping Giant of Great destruction, a killer disease covering our nation. It takes your memory and steals your dreams, it can devour your finances, and it blinds you from seeing those in need around you. The first sign of infection is it takes... Read More

Make A Stand! Vote On August 26th

Last month’s Letter From The Publisher, I discussed a disease sweeping our country, a “Sleeping Giant.” It’s name: complacency. I felt lead to elaborate on this issue, as we are in one of the most difficult seasons of our nation’s history. It is time... Read More

One God Movement–We Will Not Be Silent!

Imagine everyone, all over the country, taking one hour from their busy schedule, on the same day, at the same time, in the middle of the week, to honor God. It is time! Time for us to humble ourselves before God, our children, this... Read More

How To Persevere Beyond The Obstacles

Recently, during my daily devotion I cried out to God, “Father forgive me, I want more of you, yet all the busyness, obstacles and distractions continue to steal my time. Like Paul, I do the things I don’t want to do and don’t do the things I want to do... Read More

I Had A Vision

Several years ago, I had a vision of our city working together as one; one body supplying for all our needs. We need to unite as one, all our forces and resources together, enabling us to supply for every need. Training, when necessary, those served with skills, and developing... Read More

Consider This

Feeling rather pensive this morning, my thoughts continue to drift to my children. As a parent, you want to make things easy for them. Put them in a nice house, with good neighbors. You want them to have the best car, with air-conditioning. You don’t want them to just... Read More

Drawing Strength In Your Circumstances

Over the last few months, I have been trying to inspire my Mother to eat healthy organic foods, and have turned her onto some different types of granola cereals. So, I guess it is no surprise when I sent her a love package with some pictures, and gourmet dog food without a... Read More


What drives many of us to think that the single people of this world need our help, to find the one God has chosen and predestined for their life? Do we think, if we can make one match that is successful, it will make up for all our bad choices? Shouldn’t we first... Read More

Through Death Comes Life... If You Believe In Memory of My Dad

As we move into the month of June there are so many feelings of sadness, and expectation at the same time. This is the month we remember our fathers. Some are preparing for a great celebration to honor a father of morals and integrity, who is loving, and always has a... Read More

See The Fruit

A few years ago I had a man approach me at a local Wendy’s, and ask for money. He and a friend Gail were hanging out there together and were hungry. I told them, “I would be happy to buy them supper. I took their order, and returned a few minutes latter with... Read More

Planting a Tree of Life

Several months ago I went to a local diner, and noticed a pretty young girl named Rebecca. She is 29 years old, with long brown hair, but her face always seemed a bit warn. The tracks on her arms revealed her choice of escape, heroin. She also struggled with downers, like...Read More


Many times we give the devil too much credit. The word says we are born in sin. The sin is our flesh. When we receive the revelation, our flesh is our true enemy, I believe we will leap to new horizons spiritually. I have been going outside the... Read More

As we enter into this New Year of 2007, I want to first thank God for helping me through one of the most difficult years of my life. He has not only sustained me; He has blessed me. Through my circumstances I have a greater understanding of His all-consuming love, and His...Read More

Holiday Recipes
These are some of our staffs’ favorite traditional holiday recipes. My grandmother created our NaNa dressing, passed down through the generations. We hope you enjoy them. May God bless and keep you in His care... Read More

To The One I Love

This year is almost over, and what a year it has been. We have a total of four publications in Florida. They are Alachua, Osceola, Orlando, and Polk County Cornerstone Connection. Our greatest problem is that we are running out of magazines...Read More

Let's Get Real

I first want to thank, all of those who have blessed me with their encouraging testimonials, of how last month's Letters From The Publisher touched their lives. That was probably one of the most difficult articles I have ever written, not just personally, but the... Read More

Hope For The Hopeless

Several people have asked me to share my story. Well, we don’t have enough space to write a book, but I will share a few pieces of my life. If you read our anniversary issue, you know I have had my share of challenges, as all of us. I mentioned being molested as a... Read More

From My Heart To Yours

It has been 14 years, June 12, since we published the first Cornerstone Connection Magazine. The first issue consisted of 8 pages, and we printed only 8,000 for distribution. We are now 40 pages and growing, reaching over 100,000 readers. Many have asked...Read More