Volume 18 | Issue 9

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Tony Stewart: Beyond the Locker
Feeling confident, Philadelphia Eagles tight end Tony Stewart walked toward the door of his personnel director’s office. But before Stewart could even enter the doorway, the director stopped him with a hand to his chest. “I’m sorry, but we had to release you,” were the words Stewart was not expecting to hear. The locals looked up to him as a celebrity. He was asked to participate in community events. All of his hopes and dreams of playing in the National Football League had become a reality. Then, suddenly, he felt it all slipping... Read More

Be Careful Who You Hang Around
Most of us walk in strong judgment and weak faith. It is so much easier to judge others, by pointing out the weeds in their garden, rather than recognizing the overgrowth in our own...
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Protecting Your Future
Would you forfeit a double-share of your family’s inheritance for a bowl of soup? Esau did. In one impulsive bargain, he gave up his right both to lead the family and to take a lion’s share of...
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Business Spotlight
Gifted entrepreneurial couple and business leaders, Bob and Carol Champion have accepted an appointment with Dignity Memorial Network, which includes local affiliates of Service Corporation International - the world’s...
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Get Humble

God’s grace is amazing, but sometimes I wonder if we have forgotten how truly amazing it is. The word “grace” is often so common in church or other religious settings that it can become...
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Games People Play
Have you ever been to a party and watched someone play “Assassinate the Spouse?” The objective is simple: A contestant attempts to punish his mate by ridiculing her in front of their friends. If he wants to be especially...
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Humility, Gratitude and Contentment
Dear Dave,
Do you have any advice for teaching responsibility and generosity to adult children and grandkids when it comes to money? Justin Dear Justin, I think there are three key...
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The Solution
I have pondered the present day situation in America and the rest of the world, have experienced 76 years of life and have drawn some conclusions about where we find ourselves and how we’ve arrived here. Why do we...
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Who Will They Say You Are?
One thing you will learn in life is that you will leave an impression everywhere you go. Whether you realized it or not, in every school, church, friend’s house, and camp you went to, you left a mark of...
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