Volume 19 | Issue 9

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T.C. Stallings From Locker to the War Room
T.C. Stallings was the big man on campus at the University of Louisville. Put him in uniform, give him a football, and he would show you he was a star. “I love, love, love the game,” says T.C., who enjoyed a successful football career after college. He played professionally in the Arena League, Canadian League and European League. When football became too demanding on his family time, he decided to retire and turn to his second love— acting. He appeared in a television reality series King of the Jungle and... Read More

What Steals Your Peace?
Is it your job, family, neighbors, co-workers or could it just be your perception of yourself? This publisher letter, again inspired in the middle of the night, was yet another paradigm...
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A Way Out
Temptations Are Unavoidable, But Giving in Isn’t Because we live in a fallen world and have sinful natures, temptations are an unavoidable part of life. This problem began when Adam and Eve sinned and has continued throughout...
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Rancor and Reality
There’s a lot going on at the colleges in this country. Of course, protest and upheaval are nothing new on college campuses, and they have for many years been the proving ground for protest movements that sometimes catch on across the country and...
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We all face deadlines. When deadlines approach, we either panic, or we are prepared. We call the former procrastinators, and the latter, we call over-achievers. Our generation is often swayed by society to do just enough...
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How Are You Sleeping?
Feeling and being healthy usually run hand in hand. Most of my patients come to see me for very similar reasons: “I just don’t feel right”; “I have lost my mojo”; “I am sick and tired of feeling...
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Dabo Swinney: Unashamed
While religion is being forced to be discussed privately rather than publicly, many professing Christians understand their responsibility of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At any professional...
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Taking Back What Belongs to You
I’ve been robbed! That is one of the first revelations I had after I started diligently studying the Word and realized I wasn’t living the life Jesus died to give me. At first it made me mad, but it...
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Marriage is a Marathon
During my freshman year, I entered the mile run in a field of about twenty men. I was in good shape and finished second to an outstanding senior who rarely lost. He graduated that year and...
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A Parent’s Goal is Not to Raise Good Kids
We know our goal is not to keep our kids happy, turn them into little soldiers or fulfill our unmet dreams. But if the goal is not to raise good kids, then what on earth is it? Andy Andrews puts it this way...
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Change Your Environment
“It’s the Environment, Stupid” is a concept and title Bruce Lipton, PHD used in his book, Biology of Belief. Dr. Lipton is recognized internationally as an authority on “bridging science and spirit.” He...
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I am a pastor, Seminar Coordinator, and writer. I write for the uplifting of the believers in their spiritual Journey. I read about the magazine “Cornerstone Connection.” I think it is connected only with people from USA, Canada, United...
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