Volume 18 | Issue 12

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KETA No Longer Feeling Small
Keta Jo McCue’s best friend was a Boy Scout. She spent her childhood days running around with him in the woods, climbing trees and enjoying the great outdoors of their Southern Indiana hometown. One day while playing, she was bitten by a tick. Quickly, the embedded insect was removed from her skin, and Keta went about her normal activities. Two weeks later, however, she began to experience severe pain in her bones, joints and muscles. Suddenly, the once active ten-year-old girl could not walk even... Read More

What Steals Your Peace?
Is it your job, family, neighbors, co-workers or could it just be your perception of yourself? This publisher letter, again inspired in the middle of the night, was yet another paradigm...
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Time Well Spent
One of the best ways to glorify God is to live a balanced, productive life. I have friends who can get the work of three people done in a single day, but some folks I know, no matter how hard they try, never seem to cross a...
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Business Spotlight
Gifted entrepreneurial couple and business leaders, Bob and Carol Champion have accepted an appointment with Dignity Memorial Network, which includes local affiliates of Service Corporation International - the world’s...
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Finding Comfort in the Storm
How to Grow Through Your Tough Times and Never Give Up At one time or another, all of us have experienced a setback or endured a significant loss. Maybe that’s where you are today...
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Is Good Family Life Harder Today?
Question: I don’t believe my parents went through this kind of anxiety when my sisters and I were young. We were all relatively happy, and none of us rebelled. Am I right in assuming that a good...
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Letting Kids Make Money Mistakes
Dear Dave,
My 6-year old son has saved up $400. He said he wants to buy a motorcycle with it someday, but he recently changed his mind and wants to buy a computer tablet...
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Just Americans
My great great grandfather on the maternal side of my family came to the U.S.A. from Ireland and was killed on the Cape Fear River when the boiler on the riverboat he worked on blew up. His remains were buried...
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Condemnation vs. Conviction
Have you ever felt like nothing you do will ever be good enough? Like no matter how hard you try, you will never fully realize your life purpose? That all imperfections have somehow ruined your life...
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